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i guess this is it. somewhere deep down i’ve still got you and you’ve still got me… but i don’t think i’ll be checking here anymore… not unless i have an exact indication that you’re here… my aim isn’t changing, so if you ever do get online again you can find me there.

It should be a happy anniversary… but I don’t feel happy at all…. And I didn’t get to share it with you…

in a few hours it’s our one year anniversary… and… i haven’t seen you for weeks. where are you? what are you doing? are you even okay? i’m worried and i miss you and i love you… but… I don’t know if I can wait like this… I-I hope what I want comes true tomorrow. I hope it with all of my everything…

wufan-it:ugh, I miss you so much I want to cry.

someday it’ll work out… i’m waiting for you. someday we’ll catch each other. i love you. <3